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Corsini Cocktails: old memories and new flavors

With Rachele Giglionico-owner at the Rivalta Cafè bar in Florence, Chianti Classico Villa le Corti reaches new heights in aromas and flavor. How? Rachele has given new life to the meaning “a glass of red wine” with an innovative and intriguing mix. She demonstrates that great wine can also be generous and capable of showing its intrinsic characteristics when paired with other ingredients.

Who is Rachele Giglioni?

Rachele Giglioni started in the world of mixology by accident. As a university student, she worked for various cocktail bars in the Tuscan capital. What started out as fun became her passion and, soon, her profession. A Master, specialized courses like AIBES (Association of Italian Bartenders and Supporters), travels, and competitions in national and international competitions have honed Rachele’s skills. However, she continues to be inspired by people, flavors, and taste preferences, like her drink that is dedicated to her grandmother and her desserts, called Marì. Rachele’s cocktails respect the spirit of people, but also popular traditions, and adapt to different situations.


Rachele Giglioni all’opera


That’s the case with the Corsini cocktail, created to keep alive the Florentine tradition of drinking a glass of Chianti with a lampredotto panino. Rachele incorporated our Chianti Classico “in the new, contemporary vision of mixed drinks to bring wine to cocktails.”

Rachele says of her creation, “Principe Corsini Chianti Classico is a vivacious, brilliant wine, in my opinion perfect for mixed drinks. With an addition of Alchermes di S. M. Novella (a liquor of intense red), it acquires a similar sweetness to vermouth and goes together perfectly with Americano Cocchi and gin, resulting in something similar to the timeless Negroni. Its flavor is unexpected, intriguing, an old memory with a new flavor.”

Regarding the future of cocktails and wine, Rachele strongly believes that, “There’s a future for all those products that are of the “past”…and also for wine. Today’s bartenders create new combinations, new concepts. In my opinion, it’s fundamental to always keep an eye on the past. Cocktails should be created with respect to history and traditions, without completely upsetting the old but reinterpreting it, exalting the qualities of each ingredient. Overall the ingredient that’s our national pride: wine!”


cocktail corsini

Il cocktail Corsini del Rivalta Cafè by Rachele Giglioni


1 oz Chianti Classico Villa le Corti

3/4 oz Americano Cocchi

1/2 oz Gin Tanqueray N 10 (Vallombrosa gin is difficult to find, so we substituted Tanqueray)

1 tsp Alkermes di Santa Maria Novella


Build over ice




Parsley leaf



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