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Opera at the Castle della Marsiliana


The Tenuta Marsiliana will be hosting the eighth stop for the Morellino Classica festival, a classical and operatic music event that moves between cities. From March to September, the festival brings the Maremma territory alive with music in some of the most beautiful locations of Tuscany.

On Saturday, June 18 at 7:00 pm in the beautiful courtyard of the Castle della Marsiliana, the public may enjoy the final concert of the International Masterclass of Opera “Maestro Paolo De Napoli.” On the stage will be tenors Giuliano Giancola (Italy), Andris Ludvig (Latvia), Amir Saracevic (Bosnia Herzegovina), and Valter Soolis (Estonia); sopranos Emira Dakhlia (Russia) and Karolina Glinskaite (Lithuania); and baritone Andrei Mikulchyk (Belorussia). The students of the Masterclass will be directed and accompanied by Marco Borroni. They will be performing some of the most beautiful musical selections of opera tradition.

A particular feature of the event, which is directed by the young pianist Pietro Bonfilio and dedicated to music and the prized wine Morellino di Scansano, is how it moves to different territories. The festival plays music throughout the vast territory of the Maremma, a moving concert that is unique in its genre.

The event is held in fourteen different places every year, open to the public, including: the Castagnoli Theater at the Duomo of Grosseto, Ghiaccioforte Etruscan Site of Scansano Alba, the famous winery Tenuta dei Marchesi De’ Frescobaldi, and the Castle della Marsiliana in Sasseta Alta. Some of these prestigious locales are not even open to the public at other times of the year.

Tenuta Marsiliana_veduta borgo_0

Morellino Classica is a festival whose roots grow deep in the territory. It is a festival for its home territory, but also for further abroad. It is open to the public, and its musicians are some of the greatest in the world, coming from and performing from all over. In addition to hosting such illustrious musicians, the festival also shines a light on excellent young students and their mentors and teachers who offer opportunities for training and musical perfection.

Lady Sabina Corsini felt strongly about hosting the concert at Castle della Marsiliana. Sabina has great artistic sensibilities, is a patron of the arts, and a direct descendent of the historical Corsini family that owns the Estate and Winery Principe Corsini, producing great Tuscan wines.

A tasting of Principe Corsini wines and organic Tuscan products by La Selva is included in the price of the ticket.


Saturday, June 18 – 7:00 pm

Full ticket price: €15 | Reduced: €12

For information and booking: 0564507982 – 3495380069




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