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Beginning of harvest grill

grigliata-vendemmiaOn Thursday, September 1 you’re invited to the spectacular setting of the Osteria Le Corti for an end-of-summer festival to celebrate the beginning of the grape harvest!

Beginning at 7:30 pm, come and taste a barbeque of mixed grilled vegetables and grilled meat from Macelleria Secci, a historic butcher founded in 1966 that has always followed their goal of supplying their customers with top quality beef and poultry.

Pair your meat and veggies with cheese from “La Cipressaia,“ a farm in Panzano in Chianti whose owner, Giovanni Tolu, handmakes his organic cheese and honey, earning him important international recognitions.

Don’t miss the extra virgin olive oil, either: our own olive mill will provide the LE CORTI extra virgin olive oil and LE CORTI DOP Extra Virgin Olive Oil Chianti DOP.

And for the wine, of course, there will be all our labels by the glass.

We’ll have the pleasure of listening to Cristina and Roberto of the Alterego Rock Band during the evening.


€ 30 per person, includes water, coffee, and 1 glass of wine
Kids up to 12 years old € 15 (free up to 6 years old)

Part of the proceeds from the evening will be donated to the earthquake victims.

Reservations are appreciated: call 055 82 93 026

Don’t miss it!



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